Monday, April 23, 2012

Planets and Planetoids

I've been exploring a rounded, closed form lately.  These aren't quite spheres like the marbles I've made, but spheroid which is kind of a squashed sphere shape.  These aren't solid, but blown.  Most of the ones I've done lately are between 9 and 10 inches across and slightly less tall.  They have a very small opening so aren't really useful for anything other than display objects.

After doing several of these, I began to notice some patterns evolving.  I was looking at some photos on the NASA site and the various planets looked a lot like my glass.  Or was that my glass objects looked a lot like the NASA photos?  The above reminded me of the moon Europa.  I'm working on a series now called "Planets and Planetoids" and exploring various colors and patterns.  Another one is shown below.

I haven't named this as I'm still looking at photos - but this one reminds me of some exotic undersea adventure.  I have a lot of these in various stages of completion - some will have highly polished openings similar to the Rothko series which should add even more interesting effects when looking into the pieces.