Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Time to Make the Donuts

I've been interested in making food items in glass for quite some time.  My goal is to ultimately make sushi and sushi accessories such as plates, soy sauce bowls, and chopsticks in a fairly large scale.  One of the people I respect in glass, and certainly has a bunch fun making his large scale food, is John Miller.  John makes large scale works of things like hamburgers, french fries, beer bottles and other great items.  The hamburger alone is probably 20" across and must weigh 50 pounds.  

I made some small sliders - more on that in a future post, but John is the king of diner food and I wanted to create something of my own.  I settled on donuts.  Over the past few months I've been making various jelly donuts.  These include chocolate glazed and powdered strawberry stuffed, as well as chocolate covered cream stuffed eclairs (we call them long johns in the midwest).  

While I was at Corning recently, I took advantage of the great photography skills of the resident photographer, Ann Cady, to get these great photos which show off the idea.  Ann's business is called ARC Photographic Images and her website/contact info is here.

Now all I need is a nice cup of coffee...


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