Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Full Pull

I've just completed Day 2 at the workshop (Giles Bettison at the Studio of The Corning Museum of Glass).  A very long day indeed.  Today was pulling the canes from the stacks we created and loaded into the kiln last night.  We learned a ton about pulling cane, especially square cane.  I pulled both canes that I put in the kiln last night.  From the looks of it, they are pretty cool and everything worked as planned.

No pictures yet - too tired to download from camera!  I'll try to get a chance to take pics tomorrow.  I've got two more stacks ready and in the kiln before I left tonight.  We learned how to make "stuffed color cups" which will create some really interesting murrine with clear centers.  I got a stack of color ready for that as well.

Tomorrow looks to be another long day.  First, we'll cut up the large canes we pulled today and bundle them into new patterns for re-pulling.  We'll pull the stacks that are in the kilns right now.  Finally, we'll create more stacks.  Then we'll get down to business of slicing the bars into murinne for creating vessels from.

Stay tuned.

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