Monday, January 11, 2010

Strips, Strips Strips - Day 1 with Giles Bettison at Corning

Made it through the first day in the workshop with Giles.  Day one is all about cutting strips.  And more cutting.  And more cutting.  The goal was to make about a 3" x 3" x 5" stack of strips that had simple patterns in them.  We will tack fuse them tonight while they are heating up overnight and be ready to pull into long canes tomorrow morning.  We use Bullseye glass with has a 90 COE.  Bullseye has some great colors.  I tried to use a variety of both transparent and opaque glass to be able to see the effects.  The goal will be to pull this into cane about 1" square or maybe a little less.

Here are some pictures of some the stacks I made today.  The first picture shows some of the strips ready to be stacked.  The next two pictures are two are of the same stack, just different views to get some sense of the size.  The last two are of two other stacks.


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