Friday, January 15, 2010

I've Got Blisters on my Fingers

While only one finger, and it's a small blister - but I have it.  Burned myself very slightly tonight and it was all just a stupid mistake of touching a hot pipe at the wrong end with my index finger.  Stupid.  Now for the real story of today.  

The point of today was to pull more, stack more, cut some, restack some of the cut cane, repull it if necessary, and get stuff ready for tomorrow.  In the midst of all that we watched some demos, got a tour of the contemporary glass collection at the museum, and worked out butts off. 

The first picture is of the five canes and one slice off of them that are out of the kiln.  The "ants" one (as my family had dubbed it) was restacked and pulled today.  It'll be out of the annealer tomorrow morning.  

The next picture is of a set up for a rollup which will be rolled onto a core of clear and then blown out into a vase shaped vessel (or a close approximation thereof).  Check out that triangle cane.  That was a last minute decision as we'd been doing squares for the most part, and a few people did a round one (I did one today), but no one did any other shapes.  I think this clear cane will really be cool with the white (french vanilla, actually) border.

I put two more stacks in tonight for pulling in the morning.  The two pictures are below.  Sorry for the poor picture of the second one.  I didn't realize the camera didn't focus correctly until after they were in the kiln.  

Stay tuned - we have two days to go!


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