Sunday, January 10, 2010

I Made It

OK, I moaned and complained in my last post about the drive from my home in Milan, Michigan to Corning, New York.  It took just over seven hours, only stopped for gas once and a couple of bio breaks.  It was sunny most of the way, but way way cold.  Think the top temp I saw on the outdoor thermometer reading on the dash was about 19 degrees (F).  Of course, true to the nature of lake effect snow and weather in the southwestern tip of New York, it was miserable.  Today was no exception.

I stopped at the Chataqua rest stop on I-86, which has to be the most beautiful rest stop on American highways I've ever seen.  It is nice in the summer, overlooking Lake Chataqua, but in the winter its pretty much snowed in.  This is what the main building looks like.  Its better than a lot of houses I've seen.  

The snow drifts on the roof and on the ground were almost touching each other.  Another big wind and they would be.  I grabbed a couple of quick snaps with the trusty camera and was back on my way.

Stay tuned for more updates on the workshop with Giles Bettison throughout the week.  My plan is to post every night.  We'll see how long that plan works out.

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